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ART UNIVERSAL GROUP İNŞAAT VE TİCARET A.Ş. is an engineering-based group company, that gives services in domestic and foreign with own three brands.

At first, in 2013 with ART YAPI PROJE, we entered into the building trade in the fields of increasing the earthquake resistance of the structures and in order to give services to strengthen the building’s resistance with the technological and innovative systems. Our company which brings the latest innovative technologies of the sector by following from abroad to domestic and implements successfully has caught the public and private institutions’ attention in a short span of time and rapidly became one of the appreciated pioneers in the fields of advance structural engineering.

Our company which have realized the achievements in abroad like domestic started to give services to abroad in 2016. The company has delivered both reinforcement projects and buildings and has presented to the principals in England, the United States of America, Algeria, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland. Strengthening of a structure was completed and brought the services in record time by ART YAPI PROJE in Leicester Square, London, that is one of the most crowded squares in the world.

Also, our company studied and carried out several project in the field of analysing of behaviour of tall buildings exterior facade systems under the wind and seismic effects. The company analyzed and made projects in the field of facade systems based on wind and seismic effect several luxury projects such as Emaar Tower, Çiftçiler Towers, Sea Pearl, Metropol Istanbul, Now Bomonti in Turkey.

Our company, proving itself both domestic and foreign projects, did studying under the SİSMOART about seismic insulation on the purpose of improving earthquake engineering and starting the structural engineering with seismic insulator officially, in 2017.Static-dynamic analysis, calculation of seismic insulator and static project of the first seismic insulator residence project in Turkey, are done by the company.

We have started to provide services in the fields of luxury segment rent a car fleet and underused car sales with brand OTOROMA besides building trade, in 2018.

ART UNIVERSAL GROUP provides universal engineering services to global customers to live in safety and peace, always depending on engineering principles. The greatest pride for us is, witnessing the compliments from you after the projects we did.

Best Regards,



Chairman of the Board

Civil Engineer Muhammet HAYAL

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